Frequently asked questions about Optipus, our process and how we work

Most Common Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we get asked, but if you can’t find what you are looking for here, drop us a message, or read our SEO blog.

What businesses do you work with?

We do not specialise in a specific industry. Instead, we use our experience of working in a range of industries to come up with new ideas, techniques and tactics to apply to your business.

To date, our experience includes; Ecommerce, SaaS, Construction, Training, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

Do you tie people into contracts?

No. For ongoing work, we work to a 30-day rolling agreement. You can roll-up, roll-down or cancel with just 30 days notice. We flex around you.

We believe that we should be doing great work from the first day we start work to the last. If we do that, and you are seeing the benefits, then why would you cancel?

When can I start seeing results?

It depends on the specific SEO work we do, and how competitive your market is. However, with most of our work you will be able to start seeing results within weeks.

How will you measure the activities and results?

We use a blend of specialist SEO tracking software with Google tools such as Analytics and Search Console. We also use link trackers and UTM codes to measure campaign success.

For clients on the ‘Growth’ or ‘Top of the Pile’ pricing structures we will set-up a specialised Trello board to track and monitor activites. Or, we will intregrate with your existing project management software.

Does SEO work have to be ongoing?

No. But, you will see far greater benefits if you continue.

There are a number of activites we can do to improve the technical aspects of your website, which will last. We can also undertake reviews which will give you a heap of suggestions to improve your SEO which you can work through in your own time, or ask us to do for you.

Can you guarantee SEO success?

Yes. We can guarantee that you will see growth and benefits. However, the timescales and goals will be agreed on when we commence work.

The complex thing about SEO is that it doesn’t just involve you. There are lots of nuances and moving parts. But we know our stuff, and we will make a success of your SEO.

How does SEO fit into my marketing strategy?

That is the question we will be asking. And, it depends on what your marketing strategy is. In all likelihood it will play a major role, no matter the size of the business or the industry you operate in.

We will ensure that SEO is not just a “thing you do” but is fully integrated into your marketing plan so everyone in your team and company can buy into it.

Do you do any free/pro-bono SEO work?

Yes. We offer everyone a free, custom SEO audit. That is for all clients big and small.

We also offer a number of pro-bono hours to charities to help them maximise their online presence.

Do you take on students looking for work experience?

Yes. We are big believers in giving experience to those who want it, and are thinking about moving into the industry.

Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Do you work with freelancers and other agencies?

Yes. However it is done on a project-by-project basis.

We have a group of trusted professionals and businesses that we work with, but are always happy to look at making that group a bit bigger if the right person/company comes along.