Pricing & Process

Pricing & Process

SEO Price Guide

We work on a rolling 30-day agreement, giving you a number of agreed upon hours or tasks each month. However, we also also work on one-off projects to help get your website started, give your SEO a kick, or create the process you need.


The prices below are a guide based upon what our current customers are paying, and the level of support and work they get. These packages are flexible, and you can roll-up or roll-down your spend wih 30 days notice. We will also work with you to make sure we do the activites where you will see most benefit first.

One-off Projects

£350Day Rate

Single / One-Off Projects

  • Detailed Audits
  • Website Set-Up
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • SEO Planning
  • Process Creation
  • Tracking Set-Up


£300Per Month

Ongoing work

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • SEO Tracking
  • Regular Reporting
  • Ongoing Optimisations
  • Content Reviews


£600Per Month

On-going work

  • Everything in ‘maintenance’ plus;
  • New Content Creation
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Detailed Tracking
  • Landing Page Builds
  • Multiple SEO Activities inc;
    • Local SEO
    • Media Outreach
    • Blogging
    • Review Optimisation

Top Of The Pile

£900+Per Month

On-going work

  • Everything in ‘growth’ plus;
  • Increased Content Creation
  • Long Form Content Creation
  • Guest Posting
  • Multiple Landing Pages
  • Link Building

Our Work Process

After years of in-house working, our director Ben M Roberts has created a clear three-part process which is used a guide to all of the work we undertake.

Our PIE Process

Why a pie? Two reasons: Firestly, everyone likes a pie. Secondly, it's a simple acronym.


Plan – Everything works better when it is planned. We research, prepare and analyse what you’ve been doing and what your market looks like, then come up with an achievable proposal that fits into your budget.


Implement – We will carefully and rigerously execute the plan. We will create, rewrite and enhance all that we have agreed on, and where possible even add a little extra!


Evaluate – We track everything. This means we don’t just say what we’ve done but measure – in detail – the outcomes versus the plan. We can’t promise everything will work perfectly every time, but by properly evaluating we will always improve.