SEO Services

You need all of the arms of an octopus to do SEO...

SEO is a vast area. To list the all elements and tasks involved would make this page veeeeeerrrrry long. So, we have broken it down into some of the key services. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for please let us know and we will let you know if we can help.

All of our SEO work is tracked and monitored. We will always keep you in the loop and ensure that you not only know what’s happening but why.

On-Page SEO

Content Editing and Creation – Created for your website visitors, in a way that gives it the best opportunity to rank in searches. This includes; web pages, landing pages, and blog content.


Keyword Analysis – Auditing your existing content and ensuring it has the relevant keywords, semantic text and relevancy for searches.


Links & Anchor Text – Ensuring that all the links on your website work, and appropriate anchor text is used to display them.


Effective Review Generation – Assisting you with getting reviews, and ensuring that they can be maximised to help improve your SEO.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks & Link Building – Helping find opportunities to improve and grow your backlink profile. Using techniques such as; link reclaimation, broken link fixing and competitor analysis.


Guest Posting – We will help find relevant and authoritative websites to guest post on. We can then help you craft the content needed to share your knowledge, but also earn those important backlinks.


Press Relations – We will help you find and identify opportunities to contribute to relevant stories and articles within local or industry press. Once secured, we will then help you make the most out of these mentions and contributions.


Podcast Outreach – We will identify and find opportunities to share your knowledge and ideas on relevant podcasts. Ensuring that you can reach a wider audience, and earn those important backlinks.

Technical SEO

Text Structure – In order to effectively rank the text on your website needs to be properly structured. The means headers are used in the right way and structured according to their importance.


Code Minimisation – As your website grows, it can become bloated with outdated code and unused plugins. We will help review your code, make the corrections and track the improvements.


Image Optimisation – Used properly, images are really important both to websites and search. However, they require compression and optimisation otherwise they slow your website speed and don’t appear in image searches.


HTTPS and URL Structure – It is vital your website is moved from HTTP to HTTPS for security reasons. It is also important that your URLs are properly structured both for User Experience and searchability.